July 4, 2015

2014 TBA Teacher’s Day

Remembering Katie

Remembering 9-11

In Memoriam – Grandmaster Tony Diego

Happy Birthday Gary Padilla

August 6, 2014 – Congratulations! – Level 1 Thai Test

August 6, 2014


Level One Thai Test
Saeed B.
Jenny D.
Candice S.
Jan B.

Northwest Muay Thai Camp 2014

Northwest Muay Thai Camp 2014
By Jeff Davis
I attended my first Oregon Thai Camp this year. After 28 years of training with Grandmaster Chai it was about time. Financial, personal and family issues had prevented me from attending in the past. Also, I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that four days of extremely arduous training outdoors may have contributed to the delay.

I traveled with my friends and fellow instructors Jack Massey and Brandon Bennett. We left Tulsa on Tuesday and made it to Portland around 3 p.m. Pacific Time. When we arrived the day before the camp we were delighted to see Guro Inosanto. Guro was very happy to see us. After exchanging greetings Guro asked me how old I was. I replied that I was 55 to which he responded that the camp was “challenging” and I should “go slowly”. Well I had of course heard many descriptions of the camp by numerous people so I was not too alarmed. I was in pretty good condition and had prepared as best I could for the camp. Still I admit that this exchange did leave me with a slight sense of foreboding. This was probably due to the fact that Guro’s tone felt like the tone of a concerned parent. We also met two of Guro’s students, Daniel and Marie. They were both very nice and as I found out later, very talented.
That night we attended an orientation session at the camp. The camp was being held at a county park, Camp Henderson Oregon. We completed registration and were given information concerning the schedule, rules and other issues including the warning that there were bears and mountain lions in the area. Did I mention that this camp is being held in the middle of a primeval forest? Well I’m a city boy and this did nothing but add to my list of fears about this camp. My worst fear was that I would work my butt off for four days only to be eaten by a bear on the last day.
I saw many people there I knew and the Camp Instructors that was in attendance was impressive. I knew most of them or knew of them and I was in awe. I was told that about 120 people would attend the camp. Before adjourning we were told to be back at the camp no later than 6 a.m. for the morning run. Ouch! No one mentioned that the camp started this early and our hotel was 35-40 minutes from the camp. Needless to say we went straight back to the Hotel and hit the sack.

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131 Heroes

Last month, on a day so beautiful it didn’t feel like a coincidence, 131 fallen heroes received an incredible honor at a ceremony by The Wall.

These 131 were just a few of the thousands of service men and women who died as a result of their service in the Vietnam War — but whose deaths don’t meet the Defense Department’s criteria for inclusion on The Wall. Many suffered from exposure to pesticides like Agent Orange. Others carried psychological wounds that became too painful to bear. All of them deserve our gratitude and remembrance.

Every year, VVMF’s In Memory Program honors these heroes, adding them to the program’s Honor Roll at a ceremony in front of The Wall. It’s always a touching, meaningful experience, and this year, we put together a video from the ceremony. When you watch it, it’ll be four of the most remarkable minutes you spend today.

Happy Birthday Guro Inosanto!

2014-07-03 Congratulations to Gary Padilla

Congratulations To Inosanto Academy Of Martial Arts
Jean Jacques Machado Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu Class Instructor – Team Inosanto Coach
Gary Padilla
Awarded Second Degree Black Belt
By Jean Jacques Machado
July 3, 2014