August 30, 2015

Happy Birthday – Grandmaster Ramiro Estalillia, Jr. – January 23, 2015

Brandon Lee – 50th Birthday

Always in our hearts. We love & miss you!

Congratulations to Michael G. Lewis!

Michael was awarded the 2014 Terry H. Gibson Memorial Warrior Award at the Warrior’s Way family gathering this past September.

In Loving Memory – Kelvin Lee

Join us Sunday December 7, 2014
Sunset Park Christian Church
1515 Maple
Santa Monica, CA 90405
3-4 PM

In Loving Memory – Guro Mike Wise

SiJo Bruce Lee – Lee Jun Fan – In Loving Memory

2014 TBA Teacher’s Day

Remembering Katie

Remembering 9-11

In Memoriam – Grandmaster Tony Diego