December 22, 2014

131 Heroes

Last month, on a day so beautiful it didn’t feel like a coincidence, 131 fallen heroes received an incredible honor at a ceremony by The Wall.

These 131 were just a few of the thousands of service men and women who died as a result of their service in the Vietnam War — but whose deaths don’t meet the Defense Department’s criteria for inclusion on The Wall. Many suffered from exposure to pesticides like Agent Orange. Others carried psychological wounds that became too painful to bear. All of them deserve our gratitude and remembrance.

Every year, VVMF’s In Memory Program honors these heroes, adding them to the program’s Honor Roll at a ceremony in front of The Wall. It’s always a touching, meaningful experience, and this year, we put together a video from the ceremony. When you watch it, it’ll be four of the most remarkable minutes you spend today.

Happy Birthday Guro Inosanto!

2014-07-03 Congratulations to Gary Padilla

Congratulations To Inosanto Academy Of Martial Arts
Jean Jacques Machado Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu Class Instructor – Team Inosanto Coach
Gary Padilla
Awarded Second Degree Black Belt
By Jean Jacques Machado
July 3, 2014

2014-06-21 News – Joshua Bhumsuko Wins Gold

Guest Instructor – July 3, 2014 – Pamana Tuhon Chris Sayoc

Benefit Seminar – In Honor of Mike Wise

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Happy Memorial Day – 2014

Happy Birthday – Christina Wise

Happy Birthday – Christina Wise – May 5

New WKA Champion – News From Bryan Mossey – Louisiana

Latest News form from IIMAIA Instructor Byran Mossey – Louisiana.

The newest champion to come out or the Pedro Sauer Total Self Defense Academy. Adam level 1 fought three fights to decision and took home the wins with devastating clinch and knee work to become tournament champion.

Very proud of Khru Nishi and Kristen who are continuing the legacy of creating champions. I am very proud of them.

Khru Moss
Bryan K. Mossey

In Loving Memory