Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts

Welcome back inside the Academy!
Fully vaccinated students may train with or without a mask.
If your are not fully vaccinated, masks will still be required at this time to train at the academy.
Please do not come to the academy if you are feeling ill or experiencing any flu or Covid like symptoms.
The health and continued safety of our all students and staff is a top priority.

Professor Salem Assli Donations

We are asking for your prayers and any possible donation you are able to make Professor Salem ASSLI our longtime student is currently in the hospital recovering from serious injuries suffered during a recent motorcycle accident.
If anyone would like to send a card or letter to Salem, please send in care of the
Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts
13348 Beach Avenue
Marina Del Rey, CA 90282
Thank you so much
Guro Dan and Gura Paula

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Jun Fan / JKD Kickboxing & Trapping Basics

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