July 22, 2014

2012 Support Our Wounded Veterans

2012-11-25 Support Our Wounded Veterans

The USO is stepping up and tripling its investment in helping our wounded troops find jobs, but we need your support.

These brave warriors have sacrificed so much for our country. Now it’s time for us to give back, and we can start by making sure our wounded troops get the help they need to find rewarding employment.

With your support, the USO is teaming up with Hire Heroes USA to provide over 60 career transition workshops for those who have returned home with injuries. I’m pitching in to help raise the $150,000 it’s going to take to fund the workshops and other key USO initiatives for our troops. Will you join me to reach our goal this week?

Donate now. Help fund workshops specifically designed for wounded troops and other key programs to support our servicemen and women.

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Navy SEAL Foundation

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The loss of the U.S. Navy SEALs in Afghanistan is the kind of news the Navy SEAL Foundation fears—but prepares for in our mission to provide immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families. When a member of the community falls, the Foundation helps the families with memorial services and defrays the financial costs of travel for immediate family members who live far away. These warriors were at the tip of the spear in the global war on terror, exhibiting extraordinary skill, courage, and commitment. It’s paramount for the Foundation to support their families here at home. When a warrior falls, the Foundation is prepared to take the burden of cost away from the families and help them with planning. The families will have enough to concern themselves with during this time. Our deepest sympathy is extended to the families of those who lost loved ones in this devastating tragedy. Please know we hold you close in our thoughts—and are here to help you in the challenging times ahead.

-Vice Adm. Albert “Bert” Calland, III, USN, Chairman,
Navy SEAL Foundation

Warriors Cruise

Website: www.46thsfca.org

Bernard C. Hipchen

Name: Bernard C. Hipchen
E-Mail: hipchen_hipchen@yahoo.com
Location: Old Soldiers Home, Washington, DC
MySpace page:  www.myspace.com/363145548
Units/Dates & Comments:
Med Co 505th AIR 82nd Airborne Division 1954-1956
HHC 1st Btl Battle Group 506th AIR 101st Airborne Div, 1958
HHC 2nd Abn Btl Grp 187th Reg Combat Team
Jumped from a C-47, 119 and last jump was a 130 at West Point.
What a thrill looking back at my career.

Website For The Troops

Heroic: Susan Marie N Sobrepena

Meet The Fighters From East Wind Academy

Meet the Fighters from East Wind Academy

(front row from left to right) Sherwin Cadavis, Carl Staley, and Mark Natali, our 3 fighters/winners of the night and of course, the trainers in our Drill Sergeant hats (second row from left to right) Todd Martinson, Yvette Costales, and Jimmy Edwards.

Sherwin Cadavis: just completed a tour in South Korea and was promoted to sergeant while there. After his training at East Wind Academy and winning his bout at the January King of the Ring fight, Sherwin continues to fight in military-organized competitions. He is currently serving in Kuwait.

Carl Staley: will be graduating from Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia this May with a B.S. in Biology. His initial introduction to martial arts training at East Wind Academy has opened many doors, to include receiving a Coach Level 1 title from Erik Paulson under CSW. He was absolutely awestruck by the training available and provided at the Inosanto Academy in California and hopes to continue his martial arts training pending on his future employment situation.

Mark Natali: is currently training as a SERE Instructor in Washington. The training he received as a fighter at East Wind Academy had a tremendous positive impact on his life, from over-all fitness, self-defense, and self-confidence. The discipline and skill sets he has attained as a martial artist gave him the strength to enter such a prestigious and difficult program.

Todd Martinson: is currently stationed in Osan, South Korea. Todd was the glue that held the fighter program together. Todd provided training and support 6-days a week during the ten-week fighter program. He is currently a Unified Fighting Arts instructor under Marc McFann. He also provides martial arts training for military personnel in Korea and looks forward to returning to the U.S. and getting more involved in a school affiliated with the Inosanto Academy.

A Big Welcome Home To Juan Perez

Troop Photo

Top left to right:
SGT Serrecchia aka “Doc”
SGT Chris Somera, truck commander
SGT Mongcal, communications specialist

Bottom left to right:
SPC Trujillo, gunner
PFC Lake, driver