2012-11-25 Support Our Wounded Veterans

The USO is stepping up and tripling its investment in helping our wounded troops find jobs, but we need your support.

These brave warriors have sacrificed so much for our country. Now it’s time for us to give back, and we can start by making sure our wounded troops get the help they need to find rewarding employment.

With your support, the USO is teaming up with Hire Heroes USA to provide over 60 career transition workshops for those who have returned home with injuries. I’m pitching in to help raise the $150,000 it’s going to take to fund the workshops and other key USO initiatives for our troops. Will you join me to reach our goal this week?

Donate now. Help fund workshops specifically designed for wounded troops and other key programs to support our servicemen and women.

These USO/Hire Heroes USA Transition Workshops can give our wounded troops the information and support they need to start a rewarding and new career.

With your help, they will get to practice for job interviews, learn how to produce a winning resume and receive other critical training that will provide them with the hope and confidence to make their career transition successful.

This is the time America honors our veterans. And it has to be a time when we make it clear that we will never forget our commitment to them. Help support the USO’s campaign to provide funding for career transition workshops and other critical programs to support our troops.

Donate now. Help the USO fund critical programs including career transition workshops for our wounded troops.

I’m so proud to be a part of this important project. I know you will be as well.

For our troops,