2009 Oklahoma Kenpo Karate Open Tournament Invitational

The Tulsa Academy of American Kenpo Karate


The 2009 Oklahoma Kenpo Karate
Open Tournament Invitational
The Martial Benevolence Alliance

“The MBA Experience is cultivating tournament events which establish
rules satisfactory to all associations, are hosted at arena’s which are grand
in appearance, and have an atmosphere that will be remembered with
excitement for years to come.”
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Friday, October 2nd and Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Friday: Kids Tournament  12 and under only.

Pre-Registration Opens At 3:30 PM.
Black Belt Meeting at 4 PM
Kids Tournament Starts at 5 PM

Saturday: Adult Tournament  13 and over

Pre-Registration Opens At 7:30 AM.
Black Belt Meeting at 8 AM
Kids Tournament Starts at 9 AM


The Tulsa Dream Center

200 W 46th St N, Tulsa, OK 74126


The Oklahoma Kenpo Karate Open Tournament Invitational is designed to be a fair playing ground for all
systems of Martial Arts to compete with one another. In one ring you might see Tae Kwon Do vs. Wing
Chung in Open Hand Sparring, and in the next you might see Judo vs. JuJitsu in Grappling Sparring. The
goal is to give points based on ranking over the three main categories: Sparring, Forms, and Self
Defense. Third through First place Medals will be awarded for each event, with a Grand Champion
Trophy given to the competitor with the highest ranking over the three events.

Note: Competitors are not required to participate in all three, but it will help in accumulating more points
towards becoming Grand Champion.

Sparring (competitors choice)

Forms (competitors choice)
Open Hand

Self Defense
(See MBA Rules for further tournament rules)

Featuring Oklahoma Celebrity:

Rob Boyd- Voted 2008 Tulsa’s Best Male Actor by the Script 2 Screen Tulsa Film Festival
Guest Ring Announcer and MC

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