Bando Legends Request

Please consider this request for biographical information regarding current or former Bando persons (Teachers-Students-Colleagues) that You feel have made significant contributions to the development/evolution/growth of Thaing/Bando. Unfortunately, some of these individuals are no longer with us, but we can continue their contributions/Legacy’s by encouraging those closest to them to share/write about their experiences /impressions.

It would be a genuinely appropriate gesture/tribute to recognize these people, prior to their expirations (demise), so that they would have the opportunity to realize/know that their contributions/efforts have been truly valued and appreciated.

So please; if You know, or know of such a person or people who have had a positive influence on Bando and/or Bando practitioners; take some time to put down and share your feelings/experiences.

Thank You.

Respectfully Yours,

Jon Collins