BJJ Black Belt / Championship Techniques

BJJ Black Belt Techniques

Jean Jacques Machado presents his entire combat system. Includes: 112 positions with demonstrations in full color, traditional jiu-jitsu moves and no-gi submission wrestling techniques, moves that take you from initial threat to full submission, and advanced moves never demonstrated before.
Jean Jacques Machado with Kid Peligro, 246 pages

BJJ Championship Techniques
Championship Techniques presents readers with the most important drills and positions in the sport?positions that, when mastered, will give them the tools they need to win in competition. Jean Jacques includes insights on strategy, mindset, and objectives that facilitate a winning attitude. Also shown are small changes in holds and positions which make the difference between victory and defeat. A devastating supply of moves that will catch opponents off-guard and end fights quickly.
Jean Jacques Machado with Kid Peligro, 250 pages

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