Remembering GM Leo Giron

Remember GM Leo Giron On his birthday August  20th by doing something kind for someone.

GM Giron you are loved and missed.

Remembering Sifu Larry Hartsell

Remembering With Love – Sifu Larry Hartsell


Congratulations to IIMAIA Instuctor Phil and Amanda Norman on the birth of their son Xavier.

Get Well Soon Katie

Dan and Paula Inosanto
Students  of The Inosanto Academy
and Instructors of The Inosanto International Martial Art Association
Send Good Wishes and Prayers For A Speedy Recovery
Of Katie Degerberg, wife of Martiall Art Great, Fred Degerberg
and Co-Founder of the famous Degerberg Academy, Chicago, Illinois

Don’t Miss Film For July 2008

The Keysi Fighting Method or KFM co-founded by Inosanto International Martial Art Instructors Association Instructors, Justo Dieguez Serrano and Andy Norman is featured in the summer’s blockbuster, Batman sequel THE DARK KNIGHT.