In Memoriam – Mike Wise


“So how are you doing brother?” Guro, Mike would often ask me. My reply, “I’m doing ok sir, how are you?” This simple common dialogue too often is a volley of words conveying superficial meaning between two people, however; this was Guro, Mike and he had a way to deflect “words” and reach down into your heart and soul and ask again, “REALY, HOW ARE YOU DOING?” Guro, Mike was always ready and willing to unconditionally comfort, counsel and receive your burden, no matter when or what it may be. We as Martial Artists strive to perfect our form and technique in the physical sense and we pass these attributes on to those whom we train with. A less obvious form of Martial Arts training transcends the physical body and to me, enters the spiritual realm and so it goes; Guro, Mike in this sense will live on in all of us, as well as in all who we will ever interact with, forever. God has brought home a true Warrior. Guro, Mike we will all miss you.

– Bill Shelton

Bill Shelton, is an IAMA student and an IIMAIA instructor, a longtime student and friend of Mike Wise. Bill provided the illustrations for Mike’s books. Bill has continued the outstanding training with IAMA students in The Thai Boxing program that Mike was so passionate about as well as all the arts at the Inosanto Academy.