Michael In Lapu Lapu Land

Long time Inosanto Academy student and instructor Michael Mercado is now living in the Philipines and will be a contributing writer here at Inosanto.com. 

Your journey begins now with
“Michael in Lapu Lapu Land”

Just outside of Cebu City is an island, Mactan Island and on that island is the site of the confrontation between Lapu Lapu and Magellan.  I am in Cebu City an American Escrimador in a Disneyland of Filipino Martial Arts.  This place is magical and every Martial Artist should come here and experience it.  I’m very happy to be a witness to the happenings here and I want to share it with you.  I am Michael from Lapu Lapu Land.

The activities here are paramount in anticipation of the upcoming 10th World Escrima Kali Arnis Federation (WEKAF) World Tournament.  Events are scheduled to start July 22 to the 25th and already there are Escrimadors and Escrimadoras from all over the world here.  What is really exciting is that the local talents of the country are also here.  Grandmasters (GM) from all of the Philippines.  I’m so jazzed I’m ready to burst.

I sat in on a press conference of WEKAF held June 22.   Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio (Diony pronounced as “J” or Jiony) Canete fielded questions from reporters and elaborated on the upcoming tournament.  Others present were; Michael Canete President of WEKAF; Master Gerald Canete; Master Percival Pableo four time World Champion and now head trainer of the Filipino team; and Grandmaster Alfredo Carin of the Carin Doce Pares Club.  These are but a few of those present but other systems representatives were there as well.

GM Diony Canete’s school is full of activity as the Filipino team prepares and trains for the tournament.  Lots of sparring in armor and those practicing forms.  Behind the scenes are those planning and preparing in the offices.

GM Carin is getting ready to receive those who want seminars.  Small groups of 5 to 7 training in the Carin system.  The seminar will be taught by GM Alfredo and his brother Master Jun Carin.  Assistants will be available so that the instruction can be one on one.  This is appealing and much to the JKD tradition that the most efficient learning is one on one.  There are many similarities in the Carin system and the JKD philosophy.  It is combat oriented and what is taught is immediately applicable to a self defense mode. 

Those interested should contact GM Alfredo Carin:
Inting Carin’s Doce Pares
phone number: 011 63 32 416 1559. 
email: alfredocarin_docepares@yahoo.com.ph
23 – ET. Abella St Cebu City Philippines 6000.

I can be reached at jkdmercado@hotmail.com
011 63 32 236 3560.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are in Cebu City.

Michael Mercado
Managing Director
Carin Doce Pares Club