Tony Somera

Bahala Na “Come What May”
created by GME Leo Giron, one of the original “bladed warriors” and a true World War II Hero.

Giron Arnis Escrima system composed of 20 styles:

1. De Fondo – Fighting in a planed position
2. Abanico – Fanning style
3. De salon – Hit and Run style
4. Abierta – Open body style
5. Sonkete – Poking style
6. Retirada – Retreating style
7. Elastico – Rubber band style
8. Fondo Fuerta – Planed in solid position
9. Contra Compas – Off beat timing style
10. Redonda – Circular style
11. Combate Adentro – Inside fighting
12. Tero Grave – Killing strike style
13. Macabebe – Double weapon style
14. Tero Pisada – Heavy striking style
15. Media Media – Half-Half style
16. Cadena de mano – Empty hand style
17. Escapo – Parrying style
18. Bolante – Vertical style
19. Miscla Contras – Multiple opponents
20. Larga Mano – Long weapon or killer style

These secrets now lie in the strong and capable hands of the heir to the Giron Arnis Escrima and Bahala Na Systems, Grand Master Tony Somera.

As a direct result of superior skill and devotion to the principles, philosophy, and purpose of Bahala Na Martial Arts combined with leadership and his master level instructorship, Master Tony Somera was promoted to the rand and responsibility of Grand Master by the late Grand Master and founder of Bahala Na Martial Arts Leo M. Giron. Grand Master Somera is the leading authority and promotes the art of Giron Arnis Escrima along with its rich Filipino history and culture. Tony Somera is the only person ever to be promoted to the rank of Master and then Grand Master by the late Grand Master Emeritus Leo M. Giron.

I have always found GM Tony to be a very skilled and knowledgeable instructor in the Bahala Na system. GM Tony has the integrity, morality, and honesty needed to lead the Bahala Na Martial Arts system for future generations.

-Dan Inosanto

An opportunity to train with Grand Master Somera, the heir of the Giron Arnis Escrima. Hand picked and groomed by the late GME Leo Giro, founder and creator of the Giron Arnis Escrima system. Grand Master Somera has over thirty six years of martial arts experience and twenty five years of continual classroom and personal training experience with GME Giron.

Grand Master Somera now offers an opportunity to those that would like to learn this combat proven art that was personally taught to him by the late World War II Hero and Filipono Martial art GME Giron. Included in Grand Master Somera’s martial art teaching is the rich Filipino culture and history that was given to him by GME Giron. Carrying on in its true tradition, integrity and understanding of Giron Arnis Escrima. Grand Master Somera also offers a certified affiliate program that is taught in a set curriculum that was created by Grand Master for those who are willing to learn and are unable to attend regular classes in Stockton, California. This is a step by step learning curriculum that was created by Grand Master Somera and GME Giron.

For fees and requirements for hosting a seminar, training camp, private lessons, or to apply for The Official Bahala Na Systems International Certified Affiliate program, please contact:

Tony Somera
Grand Master
P.O. Box 8584
Stockton, CA 95208