World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day In honor of this day Sign-Up as A Bone Marrow Donor
World Cancer Day is a global observance that helps raise people’s awareness of cancer and how to prevent, detect or treat it. This event is held on February 4 each year.
Every 5 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer such as leukemia and lymphoma. Every 10 minutes blood cancer takes a life.
6 out of 10 patients will not receive the transplant that can save their life. YOU can help change this.
In honor of World Cancer Day, please sign-up as a bone marrow donor with DKMS. Someone’s life may depend on you.
Save Olympic hopeful, Seun Adebiyi
Seun Adebiyi, fighting for his life and for others
Seun Adebiyi, a Nigerian-born 2009 Yale Law School graduate, who after working at Goldman Sachs, was diagnosed with leukemia and is now searching for a match for a bone marrow donor… the only chance to save his life. Amidst all this, Seun continues to pursue his dream of competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics as the first ever winter Olympic athlete from Nigeria and travel to Salt Lake City to train in the Skeleton event.
Seun is battling various stages of this process, as he copes with the possibility of dying young, receives treatment in New York, trains in
Salt Lake City, and travels to Nigeria to run the first ever bone marrow drive in the country of Nigeria. You will be inspired by his incredible resilience and determination in the face of such a devastating condition as Suen searches the globe for that person who will save his life. Seun has also made it a mission to sign up people that will save the lives of others and is working to set up the first ever bone marrow registry in the country of Nigeria .
Only 18% of African American patients receive a transplant each year, because not enough
people are on the registry.
We NEED your help now…GET ON THE LIST to save Seun’s life or one of the other thousands of patients out there who desperately need you
Seun has teamed up with the Love Hope Strength Foundation, DKMS and James Chippendale to further spread awareness and run bone marrow drives across the globe.
If you missed the drive for Seun in NYC, please contact us to get registered via mail or find a drive near you.