April 2008 News

April 19, 2008

Recommended Movies!

In Theaters April 18, 2008
Jet Li & Jaclie Chan
The Forbidden Kingdom

**May 2, 2008
David Mamet’s
**(featuring Dan Inosanto!)


Dallas Sports Weekend April 25-27

Setting World Records in 2 Sports in the Dallas Sports Weekend April 25-27…

According to Les Cramer Meet Director, no one has achieved such a feat on the same day .…

Olympic Weight Lifting
Clean & Jerk
Raw Power Lifting
Power Clean
Military Press
Power Lifting
Dead Lift
Gary Deal Age (65-69 Class)
World Champion 1960-70’s

For further information plese contact:
Current American Record Holders Dr. Bob Ward (and workout partner).
Dr. Bob Ward Age (75-79 Class)
Former Dallas Cowboy Sports Scientist & Conditioning Coach


April is Autism Awareness month!

Green Our Vaccines Rally in DC
June 4, 2008
Questions:  Please email:  GreenOurVaccines@aol.com


Event Details

Ajarn Chai Dinner Details


In Loving Memory

Leovigildo Miguel Giron | In Loving Memory | 40 Years of Bahala Na

April 4, 2008

In Loving Memory

Sulite Memorial

Happy Birthday!

  • John Maidment (IIMAIA Instructor and IAMA Photographer) – March 13
  • Mikomi Nakamura (Little Dragon) – April 9th
  • Mia Priestley (Little Dragon) – April 11
  • April Happy Birthdays to our IIMAIA Instructors
    • Steve Mosley April 3
    • Karl S. Carlysle April 5
    • Domingo Palacios Cena April 6
    • Mike Krivka April 9
    • Linda Tenberg April 14
    • Richard Parker April 20
    • Sam Mateo April 21
    • Kenny Barry April 21
    • Scott Anderson April 21
    • Valentine Espiricueat April 22
    • Kyung Sul April 28
    • Jeff Jones April 29

Special Announcement

Thank You to Clay Johnson for 19 years of Loyalty and Dedication!

Happy 19th year Training Anniversary with us.

– SiFu/Guro Dan and Paula Inosanto

Don’t Miss Guro Inosanto Appearing in Redbelt! Click the photo to go to the movie website.