Giron Escrima – Memories of a Bladed Warrior

by Leo M. Giron

Due largely to its effectiveness, Escrima is one of the world’s most popular martial arts systems. Grandmaster Leo M. Giron designed this method to overcome a larger and stronger opponent in life-or-death encounters. Giron’s escrima contains many ingenious exercises and strategies while remaining the essence of simplicity. Giron’s Escrima knowledge has been in great demand by thousands of Escrima, Arnis, and Kali students from all over the world – and now for the first time, the original work of Grandmaster Giron is brought to the public with the most comprehensive information ever published in an Escrima book. Packed with photos taken with painstaking care to ensure correct positioning and execution, this volume covers all of the fundamental and advanced principles as taught by the late Grandmaster Leo M. Giron.

Leo M. Giron was a World War II veteran and was awarded the Bronze Star medal amongst many other citations. As the head advisor and also the founder of Bahala Na Martial Arts Association, he was world renownded as the Father of Larga Mano in America. Until the last day of his life, Grandmaster Giron was active and teaching at his home based school in Stockton, California. His knowledge of jungle warfare was an invaluable asset to those who trained with him. His appearance was that of a humble man with the character of a distinguished college professor. Grandmaster Giron talked, looked, and carried himself with an uncommon class and style.

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