Returning Heroes

written by C.P. Bergman

They came back wounded,
but not defeated.
They came back to families waiting.
They came back bruised, dented, changed,
but stronger.
They came back to friends
who rejoiced and embraced them.
They endured.
They conquered.
They overcame
so the rest of us could sleep
without bombs bursting through the night
or fear of tyranny
or insane regimes
that destroy character and dreams.
They were the buffets,
the specialists,
the strength and the song;
a unique precious group
who understands that freedom
means respect,
For those who did not have to leave home
to fight and survive on strange and harsh turf:
if you can’t understand what freedom truly is,
think of what is must be like
to stand alone
with no one to help
for that’s how it would be
if not for them.
Welcome them back.
Welcome them home.
Celebrate their service.
Well done.