Erik Wins!

Congratulations Erik Paulson!
Round One 1:44 sec.- By Submission (Arm Bar)
Erik Paulson scored first round submission in the debut of Mark Cuban’s HDNet Fights Saturday, October 13, 2007, in Dallas, Texas.

Fight Results – Mossey’s Crew

What a great night of fights! Jay fought at 180 and as it turns out, his opponent lied about his background and had previous fights in boxing and MMA. Never the less, Jay walked him down, and had him on the run for 3 rounds. After the first round Jay had a bloody nose and the ref tried to stop the fight. Jay pushed me away in the corner and said “hell no I want to fight”. He wiped the blood away and with unbelievable courage went straight to the center of the ring.

He fought hard but lost the decision to a more experienced fighter. Kru Nishi was the main event as the guy he was fighting came from a highly respected Muay Thai school in Pittsburg. Sit-dragon leg. They have several full time fighter coaches and their head instructor was a national champion in Thailand with 190 pro fights. This was a highly anticipated fight and the crowd was on edge as the fighters performed the Wai Kru. From the first exchange Kru Nishi dominated the fight with constant forward pressure, flying knees, and impressive clinch work. The crowd was on their feet rooting for Kru Nishi who was the underdog.

The other fighter pulled off some impressive sweeps after tying up the leg but Kru Nishi was just too powerful for him. It was one of the best fights I have ever seen and the crowd gave Kru Nishi a standing ovation. Both Jay and Kru Nishi represented MAMA, the Inosanto community, Ajarn Chai and the TBA with honor, respect and dignity. I could not be prouder of them!

Kru Moss

Sean Sherk in UFC 73!

UFC 73
July 7, 2007
Arco Arena in Sacramento, California

Sherk, Sean “The Muscle Shark”
Styles:Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA)

Record:Pro MMA: 34 -2-1
Weight:155 lbs (69.75 kg)
Last Fight:10/14/2006

Sean has trained extensively at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy since 1994. Sean is currently the UFC Lightweight World Champion, only the second person in history to ever hold the lightweight title. He has wrestled since the age of 7 and has over 400 matches. He also has trained and competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission grappling, and mixed martial arts since 1998. His fight name is “The Muscle Shark” given to him by Japanese fans before fighting in Pride Bushido. Sean holds an Associate Instructorship in Combat Submission Wrestling from Erik Paulson. He is a consummate coach with an eye for detail, and a passion for his students and fighters. More info about Sean can be found on his website at
UFC World Lightweight Champion
courtesy of Minnesota Martial Arts Academy

Cage Fury 4

Great weekend in Atlantic City and Springfield, Mass. The team did outstandingly well in the cage over the weekend. All the guys did really well, showed great skill, demonstrated excellence on the ground, the clinch, while striking, tactically and in spirit. Team BombSquad 5 and 3 for the weekend with strength and diligence shown by all. Congratulations to Tamdan “The BarnCat” McCrory on his 2nd NABC Title Defense over Nuri Shakir in an awesome display at Cage Fury 4. Congratulations Eric Henry, Matt Zacarria, Randy Smith, and Aaron Newman.

Cory You Made Us Proud

IIMAIA Instructor Cory “The Mongoose” Nishi, with and dignity and respect for the art of Muay Thai , fought with heart, courage, tenacity, honor and respect for the Art!  He showed first class sportsmanship and represented all of us, and the Thai Boxing Association, with honor.

Coming to the ring In the blue corner, wearing black trunks Wai Kru dance before the match Punching to the head
Pulling Back Someone blocking something Incoming Weeeeeeeeeee!
The good The bad The ugly The Mongoose
Result And the winner is….The other guy!

Cleber Luciano Wins World Championship

At the 2006 World Championships of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Cleber Luciano took first place in the Black Belt Division.

Congratulations Cleber!

Congratulations To Jesse Kristofferson

On Saturday, Sepbember 2, 2006, Jesse Kristofferson of the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts, made his first appearance in the world of kickboxing.  The fight was held at Kru Rex’s Gym in Van Nuys, California.

Prior to the fight’s beginning, while the fighters were weighing in, Jesse had his first look at his opponent.  It was clear from the difference in the two fighters’ appearancess that Jesse would have his work cut out for him: his opponent had already tasted the ring several times and felt that Jesse would not give him any problems.  This mistake became evident in the first seconds of the fight.  Although Jesse felt a little intimidated, he set the pace from the moment the bell rang.

Jesse followed his instructions to the “T.”  He touched gloves, took one step back and unloaded his rear leg into his oppponent’s thigh, immediately following up with a straight right cross to the nose, shoving the other figher back into his  corner.  The first attack was just the beginning of his opponent’s problems.  Jesse continued his attack with a barrage that ended when the referee stopped him, allowing the other fighter to escape.  There was shock and disbelief written all over his opponent’s face, as well as blood flowing from his nose.  That was how most of round one continued until its end.  Jesse kept his distance and went on to press several more attacks at will.  During this round, and the two that followed, Jesse utilized a number of knee attacks that truly took the wind out of the other guy, placing him either into a corner or against the ropes, forcing the referee to separate the two fighters.  The only time that Jesse had any difficutly was in the third round, when his head gear slipped, rendering him blind for approximately twenty seconds.  Seeing this, his opponent landed two overhand right combos, dazing Jesse momentarily.  Unfortunatley, this wasn’t enough to save the opponent: Jesse finished the third round once again in control of the ring.  At the end of round three, there was no one at this fight who would dispute who won.

As anyone who has fought would agree, this was no “walk in the park” for Jesse.  He had to work from within himself to overcome any fear he had of his opponent, put insecurity aside and take control of the situation.  That’s exactly what he did from beginning to end.